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Hi, my name is Sheree Cargill,

I’m a West Coast girl, born and bred.  I’ve grown up and lived in Westport most of my life.  I travelled overseas for a few years but always knew I would be back to live on the Coast. 


 I’m a self taught Freelance Photographer, I enjoy portrait & sport photography.  Community Events and Weddings are also one of my favourite subjects  to photograph.


I remember my Mum and Dad giving me my first camera to take on School Camp-sleeping in the School Hall, at Westport South School.  The South School kids of the time will remember those days well, if not I have photos from every school camp to remind you of those fun days.  I still have the camera and my kids Jacob & Millie play with it still today, they love the wind on lever and the ‘click’ noise it makes.


Growing up my Mum, Dad and Aunty Ngaire loved taking photos, they still do today.  They taught me from a young age, the importance of printing and putting your photos in albums.  They were keeping a memory for us (their children) to keep for a very long time and pass onto our children.  My kids, Jacob & Millie love going through our old albums, they can’t believe we use to be that little (and cute) just like them.


I love the fact that by taking a photo, be it your studio family portrait or a bbq at the beach with friends & family, you are creating a lasting memory for your family and a link for your future family. 


Now with my new online photography website you can easily order prints and/or download digital versions where available or purchase your print on canvas.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy my website.


Sheree Cargill Photography & Photo Patch Ltd
137 Palmerston Street
Westport, 7825
New Zealand

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